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Our infant teachers strive to form close bonds with every child and their family. We understand that infants grow and learn best in a warm, loving, enriching environment and we provide the safety and confidence they need to do just that. In our Infant rooms our focus is on each individual child and meeting their needs. We work closely with each family to provide personalized care. Each child’s development is supported through daily activities, routines, and play.



A bright and active room with complete freedom of choice in play and learning is key to a toddler’s healthy development. Our toddler teachers understand each child’s needs and work closely with families to reach appropriate milestones. In our Toddler Classrooms child-led activities encourage each learner’s unique ideas and interests. Ongoing communication and collaboration with families is very important to us as children at this age transition and grow.

Early Pre-k / pre-k

Our younger preschool class focuses on helping children to become independent, from potty training to emotion self-regulating behaviors and everything in between. Teachers in the Early PreK class get to know each child on an individual level in order to tailor lessons to their personal needs for growth. Every week focuses on a different “Big idea” with a book paired to begin conversations and cultivate new vocabulary. In our PreK Jr. class learning takes place through active, direct experiences that are meaningful to the children instead of typical worksheets. Students in the Pre-K group are growing into full independence. Well-trained teachers work closely with families and curriculum specialists to develop and present individualized learning opportunities to children of varying ages and developmental needs. Lesson in our PreK Sr. classes blend academic and social-emotional skills for a comprehensive approach to learning. Each child will express themselves through their work and art. A big part of our PreK Sr. curriculum is our writing center, a place where children can practice early writing skills and be inspired by changing weekly prompts to get them thinking and inspired to discover more!

After school

We offer after school care for elementary students in the area. Our afternoon teachers staff is prepared to offer your student a snack, a helping hand for homework, and a listening ear after a long day at school. It is our goal for our center to be a comfortable and enriching environment, so all children feel loved and cared for.

Summer camp

Every summer, beginning in May we offer summer camp options for preschool and elementary students. Our teachers create exciting and fun activities with new themes each week. Our goal is to encourage learning and discovering all summer long without it feeling like work.


The first five years of a child’s life are an exciting and critical time. Our curriculum is designed to capitalize on this. We use STREAM³ curriculum in all our classrooms, from infants to PreK. STREAMin³ is grounded in developmental and early education research. It focuses on 6 STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math) and 5 Core Skills (Relate, Regulate, Think, Communicate, and Move) to promote children’s development and early learning.

To increase accessibility to high quality curriculum, the Virginia Department of Education and the University of Virginia’s Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning offers STREAMin³ for all publicly funded birth-to-five schools. The curriculum provides a high-quality option for infant, toddler, preschool, and mixed-age classrooms. STREAMin³ includes ongoing training and professional development to support educators that choose to use the model in their programs, so our teachers can have access to everything they need.
To learn more about STREAMin³ you can visit: www.streamin3.org

Our Activities

We focus in making sure your child is happy, thriving and ready for what comes next. Your child is going to love it here!

Creative Expresion

Childrens use their minds and imagination. They express crativity with different arts and crafts.

Math & Science Club

We give the children hand-on experience with Math, Science and STEAM. Activities are design to develop reasoning and problem solving skills.


Childrens explore from around the word and learn spanish vocabulary for colors, shapes, numbers and gettings.


We sings songs, clap, move and sing songs. Also they learn how to play with differents instruments.


See our adorable little yogis in action. This unique program offers an engaging psysical fitness experience that encourance balance, focus and self-confidence. Your child love this fun adn mindful activity.

After school program

In our after school programs, children ages 5 to 12 have fun doing sports, games and arts and crafts, as well as getting time to start on homework.

We provide transportation from Centreville public school.

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